Flitz Knowledge BaseLast updated: Feb 2021

1.0 Getting Started Tutorial

First time in Flitz? Let’s learn how task assignment is working with simple steps.

1.1 Admin Account

Step 1 - Add Team

‘Team’ icon > ‘+ Add Team’

At first, you get to add a team and named it as per your preferences, for example, Van Team HQ/Motor Team Sg Besi Branch/Freelancer Riders Team, or you may just use the default team for start.

Step 2 - Add Manager

‘Manager’ icon > ‘+ Add Manager’

Add a manager to each team, the assigned manager could manage their teams with a sub-account.
* Skip this step if the teams are managed by the admin account.

Step 3 - Add Agent

‘Agent’ icon > ‘+ Add Agent‘

Add your agents(driver/rider) to the teams. Your agents may need to download the “Flitz Agent” app via Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), then login with the Email/Mobile No and Password you created.

Step 4 - Add Customer

‘Customer’ icon > ‘+ Add Customer‘

You may add your customers' details here before creating a task.

The customer details will be store automatically in your customer list while creating a task.

Step 5 - Create Task

‘Task’ icon > ‘+ Add Task‘ > Fill the task details > ‘Submit Task’

To create a task, click the “+ Add Task” button and fill in the details according to your tasks flow, and submit the tasks to your agent. The tasks’ status will show in the “Task List” with categorized to ‘Unassign’, ‘Ongoing’, and ‘Completed’.

1.2 Agent App

Step 1 – Download and login to the Flitz Agent app

You may download the “Flitz Agent” app via Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), and login with the created Email/Mobile No and Password.

Step 2 – Accept a task

You will receive an incoming task notification, the simple task details will be showing before you click ‘TAP TO ACCEPT’.

Step 3 – Start the task

The full information will be seen, below are some actions that may assist you before you click ‘START’.

  • Call button – Click to call the contact person to tell them you are on your way.
  • Message button – Click to text the contact person, either thru SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Navigation button – Bring you to the location with Google Map or Waze.
Step 4 – Complete the task

Click ‘ARRIVED’ when you arrive, and do your task accordingly. You may fill in the recipient's name and ID number, or take photos for proof of the task before you click ‘SUCCESFUL’.

2.0 Flitz dashboard overview (Menu Panel)

A. Dashboard

Flitz system’s dashboard is able to give you an overview of your account.

  1. Account Status – Display your purchased plan, task balance, and task expiry date. You may top-up your task by clicking the “Top-up Task” button.
  2. Task Summary – Get to know your current(today) tasks' status which is categorized as Unassign, Ongoing, and Completed tasks.
  3. Task Usage Chart – Analysis of your task usage with a simple looking chart.
  4. Profile Setting – View and edit your company details accordingly, may also change your password here.
  5. Team List – Display all of your teams and agents. You are able to know the agents' working status by Online (Green) or Offline (Grey).
  6. Menu Panel
  7. Logout
B. Task

Allows you to create and monitor tasks, and also can get to know the location of your agents in the map shown.

C. History

Here store all your previous tasks with details.

D. Agent

You can add your agent and view their accounts here.

E. Customer

Add your customers to the list, or the customers you fill while creating the task will store in here automatically.

F. Manager

It’s nice to assign a manager for your team, the manager can create the task for their own team with access to Flitz’s sub-account, of course, the manager is only allowed to manage and monitor their own team members and tasks.


1. What is Flitz?

Flitz is an affordable SaaS Management Software to digitize and automate in-house logistic fleet and field workforce management for businesses, especially SME.

2. Can I try Flitz for free?

Sure, you can! Creating an account by clicking on the “FREE Sign Up” button on Flitz’s Website to get started a free trial with no credit card needed! It’s just spending your time in minutes. You can subscribe and activate the account at any time before your trial expires to continue using Flitz.

* You be required to enter a valid mobile number and click “Send” to receive an SMS with 4 digits verification code.

* Fill in the accurate ‘Company Information’ is recommended for billing purposes.

3. Does Flitz provide delivery services as well?

No, so far! But that’s a great idea, who knows Flitz may having it to assist your business more in the future.

4. What is the pricing of using Flitz?

We have multi plans for you to choose according to your business usage. Please visit Pricing in Flitz website to know more about our pricing plans.

5. How do I make payment while top-up tasks with Flitz’s plan?

Currently, we are only accepting the ‘Manually Cash Payment’ method. Once you select your plan, you are required to upload the proof of payment made by online transfer/ATM/cheque, the approval will be done once we receive your payment successfully. For other payment methods (Online Payment Gateway/Flitz Wallet) will coming soon.

6. What is the meaning of a ‘Task’ in Flitz?

A ‘Task’ is like a credit in your Flitz account, it will be deducted from your Flitz’s account according to the stated ‘Task Required’. No worries, most of the features are Free of charge. Basically, every single point of your routes will charge you 1 ‘Task’ and be deducted once your tasks submitted. In other features, such as ‘Routes Optimization’, will charge you 1 ‘Task’ if you agreed to optimize.

7. What is the meaning of an ‘Agent’ in Flitz?

An ‘Agent’ is your recruited Runner/Rider/Driver, inclusive Freelancers. If in the terms of ‘Workforce’, may means that they are your Technician/Salesman/Surveyor/etc.

8. How’s if my usage of Task is more than 2000 a month?

That’s great to hear that, it means that your business is doing awesome. For sure, we have special plans for those customers with huge deliveries like you, you deserved it. Please contact us to get the offers.
Email to [email protected]
Call or WhatsApp to +60127030013

9. Can I ask for feature customization according to my business needs?

Yes, for sure! We loved to hear more about your business’s needs and we always hungry for feature enhancements. Our Tech team is here for you all the way. Please contact us to share your needs.
Email to [email protected]
Call or WhatsApp to +60127030013

10. Does Flitz able to integrate with my existing system or software?

Flitz is always ready to integrate with any kind of system or software. Please contact us for more.
Email to [email protected]
Call or WhatsApp to +60127030013

11. Can I stop anytime?

Yes, you can stop anytime, just stop the purchase of any Task Plan after your Tasks expired.

12. Any training provided for Flitz?

All new users are eligible to enjoy one training for free. However, we also offer on-site training for your company on certain charges.

13. How many agent scan I create?

We do not have any capping on the number of agents you can add.

14. What is a Flitz’ Admin account for?

The Admin account (or Main account) is the trunk of your teams, it's allowed to manage, task assignment, and monitor all the teams in your organization.

15. What is a Flitz’ Sub-account for?

The Manager you assigned to each team can log in to the Flitz Sub-account with the Email/Mobile No and Password, which created by you early. With this sub-account, the Manager is only allowed to manage, assign, and monitor the tasks of their own team members.